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The General Rules [Nov. 11th, 2008|11:58 pm]
Red Brick Records


1. Listen to mods. They are decent, understanding people, and also the absolute power within the community. They want to role-play (RP) just as much as the rest of you do (and maybe a little more), so listen to them when they make posts and whatnot. They don’t do it for fun; they make posts for a reason, so show some respect.

2. Absolutely NO god-moding/god-playing. We do NOT tolerate that here. It's unfair for the other player, and if it becomes a problem, you will be kicked. So just don't do it!

3. This community is Slash/Femme/Het friendly; however, remember there will be some people that are not. We do not tolerate discrimination here, so act respectful and we'll get along.

4. Update journals every two weeks. The mods will be checking this, so please do it. You are allowed to update as often as wanted and are encouraged to do so, however it is a minimum that it is updated every two weeks. If you wait to update every two weeks ONLY, you will be required to give a lengthy entry, letting mods and others know just what you have been doing for the past fourteen days. Song Lyrics and one-line entries are not acceptable for an update after the two-week period; that isn't to say you can't use them if you're updating your journal more frequently than every two weeks, but try to have something of substance in there. Mods will not notify you when you are close to being kicked from the comm, since we don't really have the time to babysit everyone. If you have something come up in real life, with you personally, please talk to a mod or post about it on the OOC board.

5. Please be online. It is always frustrating when there are players who come on once a week. It makes it difficult to have any story line with those characters. Please get on AIM as often as possible.

6. Add everyone. There is a Friends Add Console in the mod's journal. Once accepted, please make sure you add and accept all players in the game.

7. LiveJournal and AIM: Each character will need a separate LiveJournal account, no exceptions; using the same AIM account for your character as another character in a different RPG is fine, but you cannot use the same SN for two characters or more in this community. The handles/screennames should have something to do with your character.

8. Keep Out of Character Chat (OOC) out of your role-playing. If you have an issue with someone in the community or you feel they are taking OOC opinions or issues and bringing them In Character (IC), then please let a mod know. It just screws everyone over.

9. RP styles: If you're doing an AIM chat between two characters, do whatever. But when you're playing out a scene, we expect storybook-style writing. It's better and more fluid that way; the point of view is completely up to you, however. We are looking for literate players, and we require an RP sample in the application.

10. Engagements and marriages must be approved by a mod. The mods will review the relationship and the players and decide from there. There will be no preg or Mpreg allowed unless specific to a plot (ie: abortion; ruining a band; etc) and all members involved must agree. Any ideas about plot with a pregnancy must be run by mods before hand just to keep things in perspective for the players: if you have a baby, you shouldn't be forgetting about them a month later.

11. Major story lines must be run past a mod, and approved before playing them out. Deciding to change a backstory set by a character also needs to be run past a mod. We want to have controlled drama within the game, however we also don't want them to get too out of hand. Please make sure to check on things and run them past a mod just to be on the safe side.

12. Please try not to play with other characters if you are invisible or away. When you are on away, people actually think you're gone unless specifically stated in your away message, and being invisible makes it impossible for anyone to see if you are on. The mods cannot monitor this, obviously, but they assume if you take on a character you are mature enough to know that good role play consists of interaction between several characters to develop your own, not just one or two.

13. If your character needs to go into a rehab facility or into a hospital for an illness/disorder/etc. they need to stay in that facility for at least one week (7 days) of real life time, unless SPECIFICALLY cleared by the mods to do otherwise. Any questions, please feel free to ask the mods.

14. The rules are subject to change. The mods will alert people if any rules are edited or added, but do not assume that these are set in stone.

Updated: January 03, 2009.