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Taken and Held [Nov. 15th, 2008|11:31 pm]
Red Brick Records


character list

You can place holds by commenting on this post with the character you wish to apply with and your name. Holds last one week (7 straight days); if your hold is up and someone else applies for your character after the 7 day period, they will be allowed to take that character. The Taken characters and Held characters are listed alphabetically by last name so they are easier to locate.

- Jensen Ackles, as Jamison Colt
- Hilarie Burton, as Peyton Winterberg
- Sohpia Bush, as Brooke Davis
- Colbie Caillat, as Herself
- Tyler Connolly, as Val Conrad
- A.J. Cook, as Jenna Salivanova
- Bryan Greenberg, as Stephen Glass
- Jared Padalecki, as Mason Colt
- Robert Pattinson, as Jackson Elliot

- Pete Wentz - for Ashley -



+Head of Studio Activity;;needs to be a talented young sound engineer devoted to music, the secret ingredient to Red Brick Records because he is amazing at his job, here because of a friend who is one of the solo-artists.
+Solo Artists;; Male or female, must have specific sound and genre that the character falls into.
+Graphic Designer;; good with making graphics for ads and announcements for the label.
+Bands;; Any bands, consisting of two or more characters. Cam come in with one member of a band, and bring the others in later.
+Five Managers;; One for each solo artist, and one for each band. Should be organized, a natural leader, and motivating.
+Any one else you can think of!!!

[User Picture]From: mydoorslockedup
2009-01-27 04:21 am (UTC)
Hold Tara Mason, plz?
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