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Community-Specific Rules [Nov. 12th, 2008|12:52 am]
Red Brick Records


1. How it works: This is a record label! It's totally AU. Real-Life(RL) characters and original characters(OC) are both welcome. However, if the RL person is taken by an OC, you cannot play them. We run this community as first-come, first-serve.

2. For roleplaying: posts should be AT LEAST three lines long. This is to inspire some good roleplaying instead of dead-end one-liners. If you're not contributing to the scene, why play it at all?

3. The mods have the right to accept or deny any application based on content. We will give reasons as to why you have not been accepted, and pointers for how to improve your application.

4. If you want to post a log of the roleplaying you've done (ie: over the two-week period mentioned in the general rules), that will be accepted in lieu of a long entry for the update. However, the log must be substantial enough to substitute a long update. If you want to post the log for fun, go ahead!

5. AIM play and threading both happen here. However, threading is limited to emailing only. Most of your roleplaying will be done through AIM.

6. There are three side communities as well! One for OOC updates and information(rbr_ooc); people can post absences in and community updates (such as character adds) will be found there. Another for the company email (rbr_email); everyone has their own email address, ie: w_wyler@rbr.net for Westley Wyler, and everyone makes up their own. And the final (rbr_news) is for band news and band updates, and other in-character(IC) info.

7. These rules as well have the possibility of changing. Mods will alert of any rules changes in update posts, but do not think that these will never change.

Updated: November 29, 2008.