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Disclaimer: Red Brick Records is a Role-Playing Game community. Everything within the community is fictional; none of the roleplayers(RPers) are the actual celebrity that their character is portraying. In addition, none of the RPers are suggesting anything whatsoever about the celebrity through their characters, original or real-life. The concept of Red Brick Records belongs to iheartchuu.

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Every big-name band or singer needed a springboard from a big label before they booked venues in Times Square, before they are known throughout the country, before they are known throughout the world. No one becomes successful overnight; it just doesn't happen. Some bands put years into their work, trying to break their way into the music industry, and trying to make it in the business. Red Brick Records just might be that springboard every band needs. Besides bands and musicians, Red Brick Records can help start careers in nearly any field related to the label: sound engineers, artist and recording representatives, band managers, graphic designers, lawyers, secretaries, assistants, and even janitors can start at Red Brick Records.

Started by the young and ambitious Westley Wyler (CEO and president) and Peyton Winterberg (vice-president) just four years ago, Red Brick Records began as a basement-run operation just outside of New York City with very little money and not too much hope on making it. However, after several well-placed investments and loans, and a few artists who the team were able to see promise in, Wyler was able to expand his company and move it out of the shady basement. Red Brick Records is now located in a brightly-lit building on Manhattan Island in the middle of the hustle and bustle of New York. The label also bought a small apartment building for the bands to house in, but as they become more successful, they can buy property elsewhere. Currently the label has released albums and compiled tours for Panic! at the Disco, Monica, and Ne-Yo. All three artists have promising careers, while not all have been thrust into the limelight of fame and super stardom, they all have fruitful careers under their belts. Red brick Records continues to do this for all the new artists and bands it finds.

Late in 2008, Westley Wyler decided to branch out the label and left the New York office in Peyton Winterberg's capable hands, heading off to Los Angeles in search of property to develope in order to open the new office. Peyton, with her strong music background, is keeping the label going, while still making sure to do all the things she did as vp.